December 31, 2021
2021 Content Creation Year in Review (304)

Joe and Robert go through the top stories of 2021, from NFTs to media buys to (of course) Clubhouse.

The boys review the content creation and content marketing stories that made 2021 amazing...or definitely one-of-a-kind.

Robert reviews:

- Mirror and the Ownership Economy
- The Subscription Economy
- News from Dennis Publishing
- Salesforce Launching a Streaming Service
- IBM's new spinoff

Joe reviews:

- Rented land in the news (Twitch and OnlyFans)
- Hubspot purchase of The Hustle
- The NFT Boom
- Clubhouse at $4 billion valuation
- Name/Image/Likeness from the NCAA


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00:00 Intro

01:50 Working During the Holidays

04:00 Unexpected Career Launches and Success

10:40 Joe Begins His Top 2021 Marketing Stories Reviews

15:11 Robert Reviews His Top 2021 Marketing Stories

18:36 Joe & Robert Talk NFTs Again

28:41 Robert Reflects on Salesforce+ Launch At Dreamforce

36:17 Joe Has High Hopes for Clubhouse’s Future

40:03 Robert IMB’s Spinoff Kindryl 

43:13 NCAA Highlight by Joe

46:58 Holiday Break Plans

48:23 Outro 



Joe: “There’s nothing wrong with social media. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on a platform and building an audience on social media but you have to have some kind of exit strategy, just when they change the rules.” (14:21) 

Robert: “What smart contracts, the metaverse, web3.0 promises to provide is democratization of ownership. A democratization of the way we can remove gatekeepers from what has historically been a transactional bases.” (17:00) 

Robert: “We don’t know how [NFTs] is going to change but it is going to change how content creators create, marketers market, the way CEOs lead, the way we all behave in some particular way.” (22:04) 

Joe: “The NFT is not the Jpeg. It’s what the Jpeg represents. What's the underlining experience?” (22:29) 

Robert: “How do we create an entire ecosystem of content for people to where people want to stay? Where do people want to live? Not just visit from time to time. Because binge-watching and binge buying is not there anymore. It’s about how do I hold the attention of the audience? And, [saleforce+] is a great example of that.” (31:52)