July 09, 2020
240: Social Media Is Out to Destroy Us

While Facebook and TikTok are having major challenges (to say the least), where are marketers to go?

Facebook was under fire this week for possibly spreading hate speech and misinformation (what's new?). Some people think Zuckerberg should be out.

At the same time, TikTok may possibly be forced out of the United States as concern of Chinese data tampering persists.

In other news, Lululemon buys Mirror in a content/technology deal that seemed almost too cheap to pass up.

And when did Substack get so big? Could it be the next bubble?

Rants and raves include a #Quibi update (doesn't look good) with Project M buying The Hard Times and Queen teaches about audience development.

This week's sponsor: ContentTECH Summit


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