June 18, 2021
American Airlines Lost Its Way (276)

American Way was launched by American Airlines in 1966. Now, one of the oldest content marketing initiatives on the planet, is dead. Good decision? No way.

After more than 50 years, American Airlines decided to shutter its print magazine American Way. Good decision? Not a chance. Based on data? Probably not.

Americans have hit fatigue status when it comes to Video on Demand (VOD). Is this a short-term blip or will things continue to heat up?

Spotify launched its Clubhouse-competitor Greenroom this week. The boys discuss who will win the social audio wars.

And finally, Netflix launched a merchandise home on the web. The problem is it doesn't really sell anything.

Rants and raves include Link-in-Bio startups, which really isn't a thing and how big tech is taking over the creator economy.

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