October 08, 2021
Facebook Conspiracy Theories (292)

Oh yes...Joe and Robert have a number of conspiracy theories that may be but are most likely not true about our favorite company we love to hate...Facebook.

This week, Joe and Robert discuss the outage heard around the world...Facebook. What does it mean for marketers and creators?

At the same time, Facebook is dealing with whistleblower allegations on the Hill.

Well, Facebook's stock tanked and worries surrounded the tech giant.

Could Facebook have planned all this? The answer is, maybe. Joe and Robert discuss a number of Facebook conspiracy theories that actually make some sense (if you are drunk or high), from a PR switcheroo to an attack against SNAP and TikTok.

In other news, Chase buys Zagat...with a Chase credit card.

Rants and raves include an in-depth look at YouTube for creators from MatPat and Playboy's strategy takes a turn.


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0:00 Intro

00:36 Squid Games a Must-See Series; Movie and TV Watching Habits

06:24 Content Marketing Event Recap  

08:25 NFL Update; Fantasy Football Deep Dive

12:00 6 Hour Facebook Crash on Monday   

25:06 Facebook Whistleblower Allegations 

37:25 JPMorgan Chase Buys Zagat 

44:40 Journalist Approach to Branded Content 

52:11 Joe Raves The Game Theorists’ MatPat Breakdown of YouTube Advertising

57:12  Playboy’s Rebranding Strategy is Robert’s Rave

01:03:11 New Work Clients; Personal Updates; Change’s Happening so Fast!

01:05:14 Outro


Joe: “If you’re a marketer and you have a big footprint on Facebook, you need to have a plan B…have a business process set up to move it to email, a membership site, to focus on your website.” (16:57)


Robert: “As a small business, how are we looking when a great swath of the internet goes down? It’s not just the rented land piece but it’s about how we do a business as well.” (22:55)


Robert: “It doesn’t look like Facebook is gaslighting us. It actually looks like they’re taking concrete steps to respond to the ‘whistleblower.’ Part of me goes this is a brilliantly engineered PR campaign.” (27:13)


Robert: “We are all Facebook. We are all part of the problem. It’s as much on us as it is them. To go 'somebody else is addicted to Facebook. I’m not getting misinformation from it, but you are'. You’re not stuck in traffic. You are traffic.” (33:56)


Joe: “I wish Wall Street Journal would say, ‘This is a trend that we’re seeing with large brands starting to buy media companies over and over’… It’s beautiful. They’ve created an exclusive content experience or that’s what they’re going to create.” (40:42)


Robert: “It perpetuated this idea that [content marketing] is a thing that you can’t do if you’re a risk averse business because 'it’s new and innovative and ok for Glossier but it’s not really for us'.”(48:16)