Oct. 8, 2021

Facebook Conspiracy Theories (292)

Oh yes...Joe and Robert have a number of conspiracy theories that may be but are most likely not true about our favorite company we love to hate...Facebook.

This week, Joe and Robert discuss the outage heard around the world...Facebook. What does it mean for marketers and creators?

At the same time, Facebook is dealing with whistleblower allegations on the Hill.

Well, Facebook's stock tanked and worries surrounded the tech giant.

Could Facebook have planned all this? The answer is, maybe. Joe and Robert discuss a number of Facebook conspiracy theories that actually make some sense (if you are drunk or high), from a PR switcheroo to an attack against SNAP and TikTok.

In other news, Chase buys Zagat...with a Chase credit card.

Rants and raves include an in-depth look at YouTube for creators from MatPat and Playboy's strategy takes a turn.


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