May 07, 2021
Gary Vee & Silent Bob First through the Wall with NFTs (270)

Joe and Robert argue again about the future of NFTs and social audio. And then, there's Verizon, and hoping they will find a content strategy.

Verizon changes course again by selling off AOL and Yahoo to Apollo. Joe and Robert think they'll purchase both back for more at a later date.

Rumors are swirling that Netflix may buy Discovery. Smart move considering how much Netflix is paying for original content these days.

And we've seen the future and it is Food52 with their purchase of Dansk.

Twitter Spaces moves aggressively into Clubhouse's turf, but Joe thinks the online event business should be shaking right now. Robert still can't get a Spaces invite though.

And of course, the boys argue about NFTs, including Kevin Smith's NFT sale of his upcoming movie and Gary Vee's NFT launch that includes a super conference. You know what they say about the first through the wall? They get bloody!

Raves include content's role moving to the CMO, and how SMS/texting might actually be a solid content distribution choice with examples from Taika and Great Jones.


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