September 24, 2021
Grading McKinsey's New Content Marketing Effort (290)

This week, McKinsey launches a content marketing effort for kids? Wait, what? Plus, Joe and Robert break down SI's new gambling site. Good decision?

Ted Lasso win's multiple Emmy's. Let's talk about that for 20 minutes please.

McKinsey launches a new content marketing program targeting (of all things) kids. Does it play?

Sports Illustrated launches a partnership with 888 for a new sports gambling site. Good or bad move?

Is there an opportunity to purchase small, digital communities? Heck yes.

And...Is F* You Pay Me the real deal?

Rants and raves include Chipotle's new content creator program and Robert's rant on marketing measurement.



00:00 Intro

00:33 Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso Wins Big at the Emmys

15:10 Sports Illustrated Partners with 888 for New Sports Gambling Book

28:18 A Message from our Sponsor: .online business academy 

29:19 Foundry Holdings Acquires Online Geniuses

36:34 McKinsey’s New Content Marketing Program for Kids 

43:59 F* You Pay Me Empowers Creators 

53:40 Rants and Raves: Joe talks Chipotle’s Creator Program 

01:00:27 Robert Marketing Measurement Callout

01:08:26 Content Marketing World is Coming Up!

01:09:32 Outro    



Joe: “If you create an amazing content brand like Ted Lasso, you have to see the other merchandising and revenue opportunities and I don’t think that they see that.” (4:00)

Robert: “They’re [Ted Lasso]  in this weird place where they’ve established a brand, an identity that has a certain something to it but they’re not at a point where they’ve established something where they can’t trip up. Coca-Cola can trip up and make a mistake… they haven’t gotten there yet.” (11:36)

Joe: “What I love about what’s happening with content creation today is that it’s getting everyone to question, now that we have these audiences we don’t sell widgets anymore. Maybe we service an audience and that audience has many different interests… That’s where the opportunity is.” (19:54)

Joe: “You don’t have a lot of money or investment to go after a big property … making a list of these small digital communities that are owner-operated is a good place to start. (33:09)

Joe: “You can’t have a business model around content creation unless it involves a social media platform.” (47:55)