April 23, 2021
Guess What? Advertising Is Rising (and Growing) (268)

Recent data show advertising is on the rise, both brand advertising and influencer advertising. Where do we go from here? Plus, MSFT is no go on Discord. Is Clubhouse next?

Is the biggest part of a paid advertising budget with influencers now? The boys think not.

Science seems to think that the web can survive without advertising. If so, there are huge opportunities for ungated media sites. And...it really doesn't matter what browser you advertise on.

In social audio news, Discord launches their own Clubhouse. So will Facebook. And with Microsoft not buying Discord, who will?

Breaking news: Apple will offer revamped podcast subscriptions and help drive podcaster revenue. Good? Probably not for the creator middle class.

In rants and raves, Robert comments about Apple's big iOS launch, while Joe talks about being indispensable. In M&A news, the Seven Lakes Insider sells to The Pilot newspaper.


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