September 17, 2021
Intuit's Audience Land Grab (289)

Intuit's $12 billion dollar purchase of Mailchimp is all about audience acquisition. And the boys talk more about much more.

Financial and tax services company Intuit ties the knot with Mailchimp, showing clearly that Intuit is trying to corner the SMB audience market.

Opensea, the eBay of NFTs, has an issue with insider trading. Joe and Robert use the time to talk about new NFT projects and what they are good for.

Clubhouse hires a publisher. Robert is still bearish. Joe takes a wait-and-see approach.

And CMO optimism is higher than ever. Are they right?

Rants and raves include a DAO powerpoint rave from Joe, while Robert gushes over a new trust survey.


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00:00 Intro

00:34 Norm MacDonald Passes Away

02:30 Football Update

05:33 Intuit Buys Mailchimp for $12B

17:31 NFT Opensea Insider Trading Scandal  

30:14 This Week’s Sponsor .Online Business Academy

31:02 Clubhouse Hires Journalist Nina Gregory as Publisher 

42:39 Marketers Optimism is at its Highest Since 2015 

52:59 DAO Powerpoint Rave by Joe

59:03 Robert Raves about a Trust Survey

1:07:38 Plans for Week; College Visit; Content Marketing World

1:08:46 Outro



Joe: “You’re seeing so many more of these small businesses launch and Intuit might be at the center of the creator economy, with a leg up over everyone else.”(15:10)

Robert: “ The ones that are going to be successful here [NFTs] are, the ones that, quite honestly, build a content and marketing and story strategy around what they’re doing.” (24:52)

Joe: “Clubhouse doesn’t have to be Facebook. It doesn’t have to have all the audiences. It can be more like a Twitter. If they just focus on their core creators… they need someone to come in, build talent and teach their audiences how to monetize… Everyone is focused on how do we help these creators help us.”  (32:33)

Robert: “Your money is made in the content consumer class and Clubhouse doesn’t have that right now… It’s going to become more irrelevant, unless they can shake it up.” (37:00)

Robert: “You not only need to assume that great content is going to be trusted by your audience, you need to make people care about it. You need people to care that what you’re doing needs to be trusted.” (1:02:43)