January 21, 2022
It's a Web3 Food Fight and We Want In... (307)

MSFT is buying out the gaming world while a Web3 fight ensues online and we want in.

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In this week's news, Microsoft buys Activision for $69 billion (are you kidding me?). Is this important and why should creators/marketers care?

There is a new bill on the hill about data and advertising. The only thing we know for sure is that first-party data is more important than ever. Get those emails ready to go!

Google/YouTube drops YouTube Originals. Can Google commit to anything? Was this a sound decision?

Joe raves about a Web3 chart and reviews the online battle for Web3 between Prof G and Packy McCormick. Of course, both Joe and Robert have a take. Robert then raves about Edelman's new trust report.


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Podcast image: Universal Pictures



00:00 Intro

00:37 Wordle’s Gone Viral

02:45 NFL Update

05:44 Last Day to Buy Early Bird Tickets to theCEX: Creator Economy Expo!

09:48 Robert Runs down the Show Agenda

11:48 Microsoft Buys Activision for $69B

22:57 New Data and Advertising Bill  

37:10 YouTube Originals is No More 

48:11 Joe: Web3 Rave and both have thoughts

01:06:15 Robert Raves about New Edelman Trust Report

01:08:26 Event Planning for CEX; New Epic Content Marketing Book; Other Content Work Updates

01:10:57 Outro




Joe: “The way into the metaverse is through communities, especially gaming communities and Microsoft has them. So, if you’re saying who has the advantage to be the dominant player… it’s going to be Microsoft. “ (15:18)


Robert: “It’s about the brand extension. Extending that brand into media platforms that consumers and audiences can trust. And, then you can start leveraging what the big boys are doing which is looking at yourself as a platform.” (19:48)


Joe: “More legislation is coming, right. It’s more lockdown. Data privacy is here to stay and we as creators and marketers need to prepare. This is going to be a thing.” (27:17)


Robert: “If you turned off your content, who would miss it? If you turn it off and nobody tells you I miss it, you know you’re on the wrong track.” (36:53)


Robert: “YouTube and other platform content stars … don’t necessarily translate to other platforms.” (42:12)