January 14, 2022
LinkedIn Goes ALL IN with Journalism (306)

Paid subscription companies are going M&A crazy, while LinkedIn starts to take B2B media seriously.

This week, Joe and Robert cover The New York Times purchase of The Athletic. The good, the bad and the very ugly. All in all, we're thumbs up.

The Information says media valuations are down except for paid subscription models. True? Well, not really.

LinkedIn is going all newsroom. Will this finally be the move that vaults LinkedIn to B2B media king? Will their social audio feature help?

Oh...and Jake Paul launches a sports drink while a reality star sells her farts as NFTs (you can't make this stuff up).

In rants and raves, Joe comments on the Great Resignation and a big deal in NIL sports. Robert then goes old school with Harvard Business Review.


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00:00 Intro

01:24 Dr. Fauci Calls Senator a Moron

04:40 Rising Tensions Around COVID-19, Politics, and Other Disagreements

10:26 Movies, Shows, and Content Watched Over the Holidays

16:40 The Show Rundown

18:18 The New York Times Buys The Athletic for 550M

32:50 LinkedIn Adds Clubhouse Audio this Month; LinkedIn Grows Newsroom

43:55 Reality Star Makes 200K From Selling Farts Starts Selling Them as NFTs; Logan Paul & KSI Launch Prime Hydration

54:26 Joe Raves about Remote Jobs Caused by Great Resignation and Talks NIL Deal

57:59 Older Piece on The Future of Interactive Marketing in HBR Rave by Robert

01:02:30 Creator Economy Expo is Coming!

01:04:00 Life Updates

01:05:05 Outro 




Robert: “When you start looking at your email marketing database, looking at the subscribers to your blog, it’s not just how many of them will buy your classic product and services, it’s how many can you monetize against a multitude of different revenue and/or saving streams.“ (24:40)


Joe: “The best content creators and content marketers have five, six, seven, eight different ways they dive revenue from their audience.” (26:11)


Robert:  “If you’re a business, and especially a B2B manufacturing niche business, and you want to start a podcast, right now that feels really weird. Starting a podcast with a couple of hundred people at most would ever subscribe… starting up a podcast in a LinkedIn group for 200 people that might attend weekly, fascinating!”  (38:53)


Joe: “We’re seeing media companies… are not just making media type money, sponsorships and influencer deals but off of products. I like this!”  (46:27)


Joe: “If you’re a creator and you’re doing an NFT program, you really need to know there is a long term plan. People want to know how is this value going to increase because they own it.” (52:07)