December 10, 2021
New Strategy - Stop Producing Social Media Content (301)

Is it possible that stopping social media content production could help, not hurt, your business? Lush gives it a try. Plus Marriott NFTs and a big announcement.

Joe kicks off the show with a special announcement...a new event called CEX - Creator Economy Expo. Joe is partnering with Brian Clark for this May in-person-only event.

As part of the show, CEX is launching their NFT project called CEX Never Ending Tickets. Only 100 are available.

Robert discusses new research about the growth in advertising, over the last year and into 2022. Is it real or are the numbers skewed?

M&A is taking off in the newspaper industry. But what is a newspaper anyway?

Marriott launches their new NFT program. Utility or gimmick? The boys agree that it's a marketing gimmick.

And cosmetic company Lush kills all social media content production. Good move?

In rants and raves, Joe rants about creating content on every platform and then discusses the state of inflation in the US. Robert rants about the lack of a 360 degree customer view and raves about Hollywood content production.


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