November 19, 2021
NFTs for Marketing: Stunts vs. Utility (298)

Current marketing NFT strategies are all short-sighted stunts. The next wave will be about utility. Let's get there fast.

Is Disney going metaverse? Of course they are, but should they at this point? Joe and Robert discuss exactly what Disney needs to do (and, of course, they will be correct).

Miramax is suing Quentin Tarantino over his launch of "Pulp Fiction" NFTs. Joe believes there are major legal landmines here, while Robert believes it's all a marketing stunt.

Speaking of NFTs and marketing stunts, this Industry Dive article goes through what brands are doing now to take advantage of the NFT run. Phase 1 is all stunts and short-sighted marketing. Phase 2 will be all about utility.

Rants and raves include a DAO buying the US Constitution and Netflix's new power rankings.


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