April 25, 2016

PNR 128: The Future of Television Advertising Is Native

Content Marketing with Pulizzi and Rose

In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Facebook looks to create its own content and yet another prediction for the death of content marketing is reviewed.  SNL announces a big play in native advertising and Google says that YouTube ads are vastly superior than TV Ads.  Rants include two beat downs on native advertising practices.  This week's TOM example of the week: Schneider Electric's Energy University.

Facebook's Scary New World for Media Companies

The Death Of Content Marketing - Why Brands Must Become Cultural Currency
https://medium.com/@armano/ the-death-of-content- marketing-why-brands-must- become-cultural-currency- 6f708f13214#.xr5cvjjye

SNL Will Decrease Ads by 30% Next Season
http://adage.com/article/ media/snl-air-fewer- commercials-season/303697/

Google Says YouTube Ads Are 80% more Effective Than TV
http://bgr.com/2016/04/20/ youtube-ads-vs-tv-ads/

Social Cost of Bad Online Marketing
https://hbr.org/2016/04/the- social-cost-of-bad-online- marketing

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