In this episode, Joe and Robert discuss the recent reader revenue moves from both CNN and the Guardian, while Facebook may or may not have anything to fear from ad blockers. In other news, the boys discuss whether content marketing is in crisis...or perhaps...we see its biggest opportunity to come. Rants and raves include more audience building and whether the flight to video could actually be a bad thing for some publishers. This week's TOM example: Electric Boat Company.

This week's story links:

Guardian Says Money From Readers Has Overtaken Advertising As It Boasts 500,000 Paying Supporters and Subscribers

Ad Blocker’s Successful Siege on Facebook Enters the Second Month


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John Holland"...(father of US submarines) founded the Electric Boat Company in 1899 to build submarines. After Holland's death in 1914, EB reorganized and the name was changed to Submarine Boat Corporation around 1915."