In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, we saw a flurry of new content-based agencies afoot, including a deal with Daily Mail/WPP/SnapChat, a new content division from the BBC, and the Washington Post launches a freelance network. CBRE launches a new content brand/mini-magazine, while the boys discuss the end, or the beginning, of what might be called television. Rants and raves include Cannes and more Cannes.  This week's TOM example: Tablespoon by General Mills.

This week's story links:

Daily Mail, WPP and Snapchat to Launch Native Advertising Agency

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Washington Post Launching Its Own Freelance Talent Service

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BBC Launching StoryWorks In House Creative Agency

CBRE Extends Content Marketing Program to Online Magazine

How Television Won The Internet

Today’s CMO: At the Intersection of the Brand Experience and Organizational Culture


Acrolinx Global Index Report (


Robert on Cannes:
Joe on Content Marketing Goals via this article:

This week's #ThisOldMarketing: Tablespoon