In this episode number 87, Joe and Robert discuss the new Upworthy business model in detail, and what businesses and marketers can learn from it.  In addition, the boys discuss what, when and why marketers should outsource content marketing, and follow that with a disturbing article about branded content and advertising.  Rants and raves include an HBR article that truly bothered Robert, and an amazing story around the autism education movement from Joe.  This week's TOM example of the week: Kraft Music Hall.

This week's story links:

How Upworthy is using data to move beyond clickbait and curation

Who should handle your content marketing

It’s Just Advertising Dillweed

Americans Are Furious With Marketers
And the actual study:

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Robert's Rant
Comparing the ROI OF Content Marketing and Native Advertising

Joe's Rave
The Forgotten History of Autism (Video)
#ThisOldMarketing example