In this episode number 97, Joe and Robert discuss the launch of Apple's IOS9 update and what it means for publishers and brands as it pertains to advertising and content blockers. Following on that, the boys discuss the future of digital advertising, in particular native advertising, where Joe and Robert analyze a number of charts on the present situation with native.  Twitter and Bloomberg partner on a key data deal, and Facebook announces the "dislike" button (or something like it). Rants and raves include content marketing measurement and the content marketing hype cycle.  This week's #ThisOldMarketing example: Burger Chef.

This week's articles include:

A Correction from last week.. John Cleese…

IOS9’s Ad blocking features - will not only be for ads but... well for a lot of things…
paired with...
Advertising’s Existential Moment - the Value of Traditional Advertising is no longer clear
Consumers Can’t Tell The Difference Between Sponsored content and Editorial
Twitter Announces New Deal with Bloomberg - Value of Social Data
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