In this episode number 98, Joe and Robert continue to explore the world of ad blocking. Are Apple, Google and Facebook all in this together, or are they conspiring against each other?  Could there be a world in the future with all digital ads as content?  In other news, Google launches mass a Gmail retargeting program to an inbox near you.  Facebook launches 360 video, while Facebook Signal goes for the Twitter death march.  Rants and raves include content strategy salaries and a great example of native advertising.  This week's #ThisOldMarketing example: The House of Mewar (India).

This week's story links:

ScribbleLive Raises 35 Million In Expansion Round Funding

The Ad Blocking Controversy Explained
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Welcome to Hell - Apple Vs. Google Vs. Facebook and the Slow Death of the Web
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Google Is Matching Facebook’s Targeting Capability

Facebook Launches 360 Degree Videos
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Facebook Launches Signal - A Way For Journalists To Gather News Without Twitter

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