This Old Marketing

In Depth Analysis, Drive-Time DJ aesthetic

If I didn't voraciously consume content and social marketing news, anyway, I'd probably still take in this show every week. PnR take a subject that used to be considered, by most non-marketers, a yawn-fest and give it a treatment that is, by turns, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and then evocative to the point of generating "Eureka!" moments (though my wife's eyes still glaze over when I start talking engagement strategies and the need for more useful analytics)...

And just to clarify—like most of the boundaries in the infoverse, a very fuzzy line demarcates journalism from entertainment. This show cranks out admitted opinions from two, I think, pretty self-deprecating guys. Just last week Pulizzi made a point of saying that anyone who tells you that there is only one way to do this stuff is sadly misguided. I really don't perceive the arrogance mentioned in an earlier review.

Much of the information and advice is pretty far above my current pay-grade, as I'm just getting started in my endeavor. Still, there aren't enough hours in the day to put even just the appropriate advice into practice. The good news is that if you keep listening long enough, the information sort of coalesces naturally into some guiding principals that become second nature.

So if you want to hear about the latest developments in content marketing (and never tire of the phrase "Native Advertising"), and you want to hear it from two guys who would be two of the smartest, funniest drive-time morning DJs if they decided to ditch their current careers, give This Old Marketing a listen.

April 14, 2015 by GreylockGlass•com on Apple Podcasts

This Old Marketing