This Old Marketing

I’m the third voice.

Lingering in bed as my last dream floats into the ether, I realize it’s Friday. The day I edit and upload my blog post.

I pull on my shorts, shirt, cap, and shoes, strap on my fanny pack, and pop on my wireless headset as I gulp down water and sip some organic Peruvian coffee. Heading out the door for my daily walk, I look through my podcast library.

There’s a new This Old Marketing Podcast! Yes!

For the next hour, as I walk up and down desert landscaped hills swinging my 3-pound hand weights, I am the third voice on this podcast.

“Yes! Agree, agree, agree!”

“Oh, Joe, you missed something there.”

“What?! Where did that come from?”

Entering the world of Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose every Friday, along with reading The Tilt newsletter and listening to Joe’s Monday podcast, Content Inc., informs my content production for the next week and keeps me motivated to fulfill my potential as a content entrepreneur.

It also sets the bar for podcast quality.

July 22, 2022 by Magic Salad on Apple Podcasts

This Old Marketing