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Timely and Informative

The two hosts play off of one another very well. The show brings timely marketing news, as well as thought leadership. I added this to my commute playlist as soon as it launched and love it.

There is a Shortage of the Right Content

Sometimes just one idea creates a major shift in your thinking - and that’s what the most recent show did for me. Planning for the atomization of content is a concept that gave me some needed clarity for 2014. Looking forward to future shows.

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Marketing is getting harder every day. Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose and pros and show you how it's done. Five stars. @StevenWardell


I can see this becoming the NPR-esque podcasts of content marketing news.


I absolutely love what Mr. Puilizzi and his team of contributors are doing over at Content Marketing Institute. They've helped me become a much better content marketer. So when I heard about this new podcast you can imagine my excitement. "This Old Marketing" doesn't disappoint. If you're in sales or marketing this podcast deserves a spot on your shortlist.

This is going to be a win...

The first episode was excellent. Here's what I liked about it... - Robert and Joe obviously have good chemistry, although they aren't in perfect agreement, which is good. - They cover news. This isn't just another how-to marketing podcast. - The 'rants' segments were great. It's fun they mix in some thoughtful opinion. I'll be tuning in weekly. Well done, guys!

Informative and entertaiing!

Great format with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose discussing some of the hot topics, rants and examples of content marketing. There's a great chemistry between them and the show's not just informative and timely but entertaining as well.