December 17, 2021
Social Platforms Burn Content Creators (302)

Another two examples of how social media platforms are throwing content creators to the curb.

Peloton kicks off the show with one of the best real-time marketing examples of our time. Of course, helped by Ryan Reynolds.

Social media platforms continue to crush customers without warning. On Instagram, an Australian woman loses her @metaverse account for mysterious reasons. On Twitch, celebrity-streamer Hasan Piker gets banned from the site without one word from Twitch.

In acquisition news, Nike buys metaverse company RTFKT.

In rants and raves, Joe raves about Jay Acunzo's Unthinkable podcast about creator fear and differentiation, while Robert raves about the new digital wallet plugin, Unlock.


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00:00 Sex and the City’s Chris North Allegation Disclaimer 

01:00 Introduction

01:45 Peloton Response Ad to “And Just Like That…”

10:30 Football Game Updates

14:05 News Story: Hasan Piker Gets Banned From Twitch 

15:35 News Story: Instagram Handle Metaverse Vanishes  

31:22 Nike Acquires NFT Company, RTFKT

50:15 Joe Raves about Jay’s Acunzo Unthinkable Podcast 

54:30 Robert Raves about Unlock, a virtual wallet plugin 

1:01:52 Holiday Plans

1:04:00 Outro 



Joe: “I get scared for anyone creating an audience on these [social media] platforms because at a moment notice it can all be over.”(19:42)

Robert: “What I really question is how skilled these companies are. They’re defaulting to this decision of taking action first and see what happens.” (22:45)

Joe: “We’ve covered almost all of these social platforms that are spending millions of dollars on creator recruitment and helping these creators build an audience. So they’re spending millions in that area but they’re not spending anything on operations issues.” (26:04)

Joe: “Owning digital property is starting to go mainstream; mainstream meaning a percentage of the population. Whether you’re a shoe dog, or a sneakerhead it’s big business right now.” (34:45)

Joe: “I don’t think you have to be a Dow maximalist. I think you can have shades and we can all be successful.” (39:51)

Robert: “The way I’ve been explaining NFTs lately; it’s a verb, not a noun. It’s what you do. You agree to something. And, the only question is what do you agree to.”(1:01:25)