October 15, 2021
The Creator Economy Is Not Failing (293)

If you read the headlines, you might think that the creator economy is failing. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Meredith's sale says big things about the future of media. Joe and Robert break down the what and why.

Axios says that the creator economy is failing. Why? Because the platforms aren't giving out enough? Because there are big winners and some losers?

The creator economy is a huge success. Change the perspective a bit and see.

Justin Blau has developed a new NFT marketplace for musicians. Could this be the future business model for content creators?

Rants and raves include a huge rave on the Sugar Factory and a continued rant on the lack of calling the practice content marketing.


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00:00 Intro

01:54 Jon Gruden Email Scandal 

07:46 Brands and Cancel Culture 

12:49 Cowboys and Cleveland Browns Shoutout 

15:15 Meredith Corporation’s Record-Breaking $2.7B Fast Sale

25:44 Content Creator Economy Failing? Nope!

39:00 Justin Blau creates musician NFT marketplace, Royal

55:00 Joe Raves About Sugar in the Sugar Factory 

1:10:04 Robert Rants About Companies Not Calling Content Marketing, Content Marketing

1:07:21 Joe and Robert Upcoming Plans 

1:09:30 Outro


Joe: “What I learned from [the Meredith’s sale] is: there is a lot of value in old media assets, in things like Newsweek, Gawker. The second thing is that people underestimate how good business media is. The third thing is inflation. The dollar isn’t worth what it was two years ago.” (18:02)

Joe: “If you look at any business in the capitalist world… You have the 80/20 rule. You have a small number of companies that generate 80% of the revenue and the rest generate 20(%). That’s almost every industry I know of so why, is the creator economy suppose to have some capitalist-socialist model?” (27:56)

Robert: “The creator economy was suppose to democratize media? No. It’s the exact other way around. Democratized media created the creator economy.” (31:00)

Joe: “What I love about [Royal] is: You don’t need a huge audience. You just need a loyal audience to support you. And, you can tokenize anything.” (42:29)

Robert: “It’s not just who gets paid [through Royal]. It’s who has control on the decisions on how they get paid. Do I license this content out in a commercial? Do I license this content out to be used in a movie? All of those things have to be taken into consideration.” (46:53)