October 29, 2021
The Platform Wars Heat Up (295)

Big earnings week for Snap, Google, Twitter, Spotify and more. The news? Apple's privacy rules are making a big impact on all the platforms.

Apple's new mobile privacy terms are creating problems for both Snap and Facebook. Twitter showed improvement. Spotify is shining.

eSports and entertainment company FaZe clan is doing a SPAC deal worth about $1 billion dollars US. Joe and Robert believe this type of content and incubator system has legs in the content marketing world.

Disney lowers Disney+ expectations. Can they compete with Netflix?

Rants and raves include a Robert rant - a CB Insights article on brands buying media companies (but not calling it content marketing). Joe raves about NFTs for content creators and Amazon KDP finally offers hardcover books.


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00:00 Introduction

00:38 Disney’s Lightyear Trailer

1:59 Negative Facebook Post

3:53 Reviewing Animated Films and Shows 

11:00 This Old Marketing 300th Episode Reminder

14:00 Earning Season: Apple’s New Privacy Terms Affected Internet Advertising Market

30:28 FaZe Clan Goes Public in 1Billion Dollar Spac Deal 

41:10 Disney+ vs Netflix Content Frequency 

49:30 Robert Rant: Doesn’t Support Squid Game Halloween Costume Ban in New York

52:08 Robert Rant: Brands Buy Media Companies Is Called Content Marketing 

56:50 Joe Rave: NFT 101 for Content Creators

58:10  Joe Rave: Amazon KDP Offer Hardcover Book Option

1:01:18 Big Tech is Taking Over

1:02:00 Weekend Sports Plans



Joe: “There’s still so much opportunity in audio. It’s still the least expensive format for creatives.” (26:32)

Joe: “If you’re going to YouTube today, you can’t half ass it. You have to be all in. You have to have the best equipment and best production team. The days of uploading a video from your camera doesn’t happen anymore.” (27:07)

Robert: “Young man, young woman, young person… Look to TikTok as a means for getting  information consumed. ” (29:11)

Joe: “Some of these content creation groups are getting so popular and so powerful they’re going to leverage these social platforms, but they’re building all of these independent businesses, very similar to the way media companies looked 20, 30 years ago." (37:15)