August 06, 2021
The Race to First-Party Data (283)

Gap launches AthletaWell in a big content marketing move, while the boys rant all over the Olympics for what could have been.

The boys kick off the show announcing NFT marketplace OpenSea's big revenue move in the last few weeks. Is Robert coming around the idea? Joe thinks so.

The Gap's Athleta launches AthletaWell, a content marketing loyalty play in the leisureware space. A good move, but an even better move to capture first-party data.

Facebook will show its first movie, while Amazon pools its resources to become one of the biggest media distribution companies in the world.

And digital media adoption overtakes traditional media for the first time, but there is a huge missed opportunity that no one is seeing.

In rants and raves, both Joe and Robert rant about the coverage of the Olympics, while Joe recommends the Olympic coverage from Snoop Dogg.


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00:00 Intro 

01:12 Olympic Games Commercial Teaser

06:25 Tonight’s NFL Game: Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers  

09:35 COVID-19 Restrictions 

11:14 NFT Marketplace OpenSea’s Big Revenue Move

19:48 The Gap’s Athleta Launches AthletaWell 

28:40 This Week’s Sponsor: .Online Business Academy

29:25 Facebook Premiere's 1st Movie; Amazon Becomes One of The World’s Largest Media Distributors

43:35 Digital Media Adoption Overtakes Traditional Media

50:28 Joe and Robert Rant About Olympics Coverage  

57:27 Joe Raves About Snoop Dogg and Kevin Heart Olympics Commentary 

01:05:09 Weekend Plans

01:06:36 Outro



Joe: "Instead of just saying do my ad for me or wear my stuff and we’re going to show a picture of you, no. Let’s tell your story. Let’s have you do a documentary on here. Like when Peloton has celebrities instructors integrate into the platform. It’s just smart.” (22:29)

Joe: “If more people engage with your content and have a positive experience. They will stay longer and buy more.” (22:58)

Robert: "This is building true value in the audience. Not taking advantage of an influencer signing a piece of clothing or a more private shopping experience. It’s actually building in a platform that delivers experiential value. That’s the real goal for any marketer.” (26:22)

Joe: “If you could build an audience over the next two, three, four, or five years, you will get bought out.” (38:45)

Robert: “You are not your target market… Keep the marketplace open so that one or two vendors don’t dominate.” (47:51)