May 28, 2021
Twitter Is Ready to Ring the Creator Economy Bell (273)

Twitter launches two more creator programs, one that may change the future of the creator economy. And more about NFTs and decentralized content.

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Decentralized publishing is starting to become "a thing" with the launch of, a site for writers built on top of a crypto economy.

And yes, creator coins are a thing. The tokenization of everything is happening and content creators sit at the center.

Twitter is on the move, finally getting back to the blue verification mark (get yours now). But in bigger news, Twitter is testing out its Super Followers program, which may very well be a game changer.

And are celebrity podcasts really that bad? The short answer? Yes.

In rants and raves, Robert comments on John Oliver's latest on sponsored content, while Joe passes on the sad news of another social media platform killing.


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