January 29, 2021
When SPACs Attack (256)

A crazy media news week starts with the "Spac"ification of media companies and ends with Twitter getting into the newsletter business. Oh, and don't forget GameStop.

The big news of the week was Twitter buying Revue, a Substack competitor that launches Twitter into the subscription business.

What could save or kill the media business? SPACs! Media SPACs are off to a roaring start for 2021, with no end in sight.

Rolling Stone does a Forbes and starts a pay-to-play "culture" council, further destroying the once-great media brand, while Clubhouse becomes a Unicorn and is the big social media craze of the year (so far).

Rants and raves include Robert's rave about a Google Analytics competitor while Joe raves about wallstreetbets taking on Wall Street.

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