March 26, 2021
Yahoo Plus Nothing While MEL Goes Belly Up (264)

ROKU goes big with marketing services while MEL magazine puts itself up for sale. But can a custom magazine do that? And then there's Yahoo Plus.

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In this episode, Verizon announces the launch of a robust Yahoo Plus. All we can say is "ouch."

Roku continues its Quibi-filled dominance by announcing a marketing services group that might actually work.

The New York Times puts down its virtual foot on reporter side gigs. The boys wonder how that happened.

And finally, MEL magazine from Dollar Shave Club goes belly up...but can you actually sell a custom magazine? I guess we will find out.

In rants and raves, Joe raves about Microsoft's decision to buy Discord, while Robert comments on NBC's new platform, NewsPassID and how the big three continue to steal almost all advertising dollars.


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