January 07, 2022
2022 Content Predictions Episode (305)

Yes indeed! Joe and Robert retrieve their broken crystal balls for another amazing episode of failed predictions.

All the wrong 2022 content predictions in one place.

From Robert -

- Content Marketing and Marketing Content Operations Merge This Year - and become overall MarketingOPS.
- Web 3.0 Stumbles with Security Concerns - But gets back on track.
- A Big Tech Brand - Buys One of the Big Media Brands...
- Data and Privacy actually become a thing in 2022.
- Talent Acquisition will be the number one priority for businesses.

From Joe -

- Multiple tech companies turn into large media enterprises.
- META develops a closed crypto community.
- Content marketers begin to learn the art of acquisition.
- Social tokens go big in 2022 and other crypto predictions


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00:00 Intro

00:35 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Baby New Year Discussion

02:15 Joe & Robert Start 2022 Content Predictions

05:02 Joe Predicts Tech Companies Will Launch Creative Networks 

06:53 Robert Thinks A Big Tech Brand Will Buy One of the Big Media Brands

11:28 Joe & Robert: An Arise in Content Marketing Positions with Acquisition Experience

13:00 Robert: Content Marketing and Marketing Operations Merge in 2022; MarketingOPS

22:55 Joe Believes META Will Develop a Closed Crypto Community

25:47 Robert: User Data and Privacy in 2022

29:30 Robert: Security Concerns with Web 3.0 

29:55 Joe Predicts Social Tokens and NFTs Take Off in 2020

35:24 Outros


Robert: “ Instead of a lot of little acquisitions [Apple is] going to make one big one.” (10:09)


Joe: “99.99% of content marketers don’t have a clue on how to acquire other media properties.”     (12:11)


Joe: “Whenever you’re trading hours for dollars you're going to get the business leaders that are going to say do we sell more hours? Or do we get smarter in how we use those hours? You can do either. You can be successful being in a law firm selling your time or you could make money while you sleep.” (20:05) 


Robert: “2022 is the year where user data and privacy actually becomes a thing where consumers care. There may be an exodus from Facebook or social media in general. The government will start to look at Google and see how they’re using 1st party data. It becomes a thing marketers and businesses will have to deal with.” (25:53)