November 12, 2020
249: Beyonce, New York Times and Morning Brew (Oh my!)

Joe and Robert dig through the recent Morning Brew acquisition, pick apart the New York Times digital subscription model, and wonder why Philip Kotler started a blog.

Morning Brew sells its email subscription juggernaut for $75 million, building the email newsletter model for all the follow.

The New York Times digital subscription business goes boom boom, while text-to-speech is the next big thing you've never "heard" of.

And Beyonce decides to form a huge content partnership with Peloton instead of being interviewed on the This Old Marketing podcast.

Robert raves about Philip Kotler's new blog and Adobe acquiring WorkFront. Joe raves about Netflix starting a programmed channel and how Twitch is not just for gamers anymore.

This week's sponsor: Content Marketing World (on demand)


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