July 09, 2021
All Bets on TikTok to Drive Creator Economy (279)

Instagram. Facebook. Twitch. Don't look now, but TikTok is in the middle of taking over the creator economy.

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In breaking news, MEL magazine is sold by Dollar Shave Club and will begin again in a few months. Joe and Robert discuss why content entrepreneurs should work on exit planning and marketing directors need to focus on M&A.

Is every company a fintech company? Probably not...but the options for content creators to monetize have never been greater. Joe and Robert discuss all the options.

And here comes TikTok! The Chinese social media platform launched a Cameo competitor, hosted one of the largest live streams ever, and now Instagram is shaking a bit.

In rants and raves, Joe comments on the NIL movement that is just starting, and Robert complains about the fear being caused over the "quitting crisis."


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