June 04, 2021
From Rented Land to Rented Land (274)

Joe and Robert explore Donald Trump's strange move to kill his blog, while Axios builds the model media blueprint.

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In this episode, Joe and Robert start by dissecting the employment move back to offices. Is this a meaningless blip or will marketing and content creation be altered forever?

Is the future of media podcasts and newsletters? Axios sure thinks so. While it's an amazing and growing model, both Joe and Robert feel there is an opportunity to zag.

Discord does a rebranding. Is there a new CMO or will there be a buyout? The boys think both.

And Donald J. Trump announces that his blog will die and he'll move back to social media. From rented land to rented land? Not the best media strategy.

In rants and raves, Robert raves about the Salesforce 360 movement, while Joe comments on Google knowledge panels.


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