April 02, 2021
LinkedIn & Spotify Get Into Social Audio Game (265)

Not to be outdone, it seems every tech company wants to take on Clubhouse. Well, here comes LinkedIn and Spotify. Plus, more NFT talk (of course).

I know, it's hard to believe, but Episode #1 of This Old Marketing still has not sold yet as an NFT. Maybe you forgot? You can bid on it here at Opensea.

The social audio battle continues this week, with Spotify buying social radio player Betty Labs, while LinkedIn is about to release their own version of Clubhouse.

And guess what? Medium is pivoting again. This time, they are looking at a Substack model.

Rants and raves include a rant from Joe about Substack's $650 million valuation, while Robert rants about marketers only focusing on numbers.

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00:00 Intro

00:34 Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes” 

03:43 Own This Old Marketing’s 1st Episode Hasn’t Sold Yet as an NFT

05:07 A Deep Dive into How NFTs Work

19:45 Spotify Buys Betty Labs; LinkedIn Releases Their Own Version of Clubhouse

35:58 Here from This Week's Sponsor: Dialogue

37:12 ThisOldMarketing.Site is Here!

38:00 Medium Offers Buyouts Editorial Staff

49:48 Joe Rants about Substack $650 million Evaluation 

53:33 Robert Marketers Focusing on Numbers Rant  

01:03:50 Weekend Plans; The Tilt Launches Next Week!

01:05:15 Outro



Robert: “It's what everybody complains about on Clubhouse. It’s hard to find what to listen to, there’s no guide, too many notifications. It’s a bad place for audiences right now, but a good place if you’re a creator. If they can fix the audience experience, I think they might have a shot.” (28:04)


Joe: “The way that I look at Clubhouse is the same way I look at Twitter: You have to work it a little bit to make sure it’s working for you. You have to follow the right people. You’re not getting served an algorithm.” (30:51)


Joe: “I think that [Medium and Substack] are training wheels for writers. Once you become part of a platform like that it’s hard to pull yourself away and you need to have an exit strategy and a lot of writers don’t.” (41:27)


Robert: “People follow people, not the platforms. If you’re a really good, famous content creator, people are going to follow you wherever you are.” (44:31)


Joe: “You [content creators] always have to do your own marketing.” (48:38)