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In this episode number 89, Joe and Robert discuss LinkedIn and Google news this week.  LinkedIn limits your right to download contacts and, alas, Google+ is no more (we think). In other news, AOL releases some new content marketing research that may not be about content marketing and we find out that the inbound marketing economy really has nothing to do with inbound marketing.  Rants and raves include a McKinsey report and deals from Univision and HBO.  This week's #ThisOldMarketing example of the week: Flight Centre.

This week's story links:

LinkedIN Quietly removes option to export contacts makes users wait up to 72 Hours for their data archive
Google+ Is No More
AOL CMO Says Content Marketing Is About Value Not Advertising
The Inbound Marketing Economy - Content Marketing Jobs Abound
EW Scripps Acquires Podcast Network
This week's sponsor: Emma and the Modern Marketer's Field Guide
Robert's Rave: McKinsey and Experience